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From the first inquiry by phone they help you understand the process, and walk you through each step so that there are no surprises along the way. Paul insists on having a conversation with every potential client, so they understand the scope of the project and he can get a clear idea of what they are looking for and advise them on their best course of action.


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Paúl Wilches


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De: Albina Harris <>
Enviado: martes, 2 de abril de 2024 18:40
Para: Paul Wilches <>
Asunto: Reviews

Hello Paul,

Below reviews. Please, let me know if you want me to change/adjust it.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for everything!!!



We are very satisfied by using service of Relocation Services of Ecuador. Less talk, more work. Paul is a professional. He explained the whole process of bringing container to Ecuador. Helped in everything: creating an inventory list, working with Canadian and Ecuadoran logistics, working with Customs, brining the container to our new living place and unloaded. I wish, everyone works like Paul- calm and experienced person.  I recommend hire Relocation Services of Ecuador if you need to bring a container to Ecuador.

Albina Harris

De: Victor Chininin Buele <>
Enviado: viernes, 8 de marzo de 2024 12:43
Para: Paul Wilches <>

Nuestra experiencia con Relocation Services of Ecuador ha sido maravillosa. Yo sentía mucho temor de encomendar nuestros bienes a alguien y realizamos la investigación correspondiente para encontrar alguien que nos pueda verdaderamente ayudar con el transporte de puerta a puerta y no de y a ciudades principales.
La mayoría de proveedores no podían garantizarnos la transportación desde nuestro hogar en Norteamérica a nuestro hogar en Ecuador. Hubo solamente una compañía que ofrecía servicios algo comparables, pero en el proceso de investigación fue claro desde el principio que no tenían la misma experiencia que Paúl y su equipo.
Paúl fue muy cordial y paciente en el proceso inicial con mi esposa y conmigo, enseñándonos la manera de preparar nuestro contenedor y el inventario de la aduana. Se coordinó de manera eficiente toda la transportación. Una vez que llegó el contenedor y se lo selló, él se encargó de toda la coordinación quitando mucho estrés de nuestras vidas. Una vez en Ecuador, nos ayudaron en gran manera a finalizar los trámites necesarios y de manera muy simple y eficiente. Fue en realidad un placer conocer a Paúl y Melania en persona.
Yo hasta tenía pesadillas que podía todo ser una estafa. Es que confiar en alguien que uno no conoce y sabiendo bien cómo pueden salir las cosas mal, yo en cada paso del proceso, aún sentía temor. Hasta firmando los poderes necesarios en la notaría en Ecuador, confieso todavía haber sentido un poco de preocupación.
Y pues finalmente llegó el día y con mi esposa fuimos al redondel de la llegada a la ciudad a ver el contenedor y ahí estuvo todo tal como lo garantizó Paúl. Su equipo vino y nos ayudó a bajar todo a nuestro domicilio.
Y no es que el proceso fuera completamente sin inconvenientes. La bendición de tener a Paúl y su equipo fue que nos han ayudado hasta el final a enfrentar los desafíos y a solucionarlos de la mejor manera.
Recomendamos a RSE con la confianza de haber visto su trabajo y haber sido grandemente bendecidos por ellos. Yo pienso a veces que quizá lo hubiera logrado por mi propia cuenta, pero la realidad es que el costo y el tiempo hubieran sido mayores y con retrasos y pérdidas. Y sin la experiencia y el conocimiento de RSE hubiera sido muy difícil pasar todos los pasos burocráticos y legales necesarios.
Victor Chininin Buele
Loja 8 marzo 2024

Victor Chininin Buele

Raghuraman Krishnan <>

My name is Raghuraman Krishnan, and I recently relocated with my wife Usha, from Wilmington, DE, to Cuenca, Ecuador, in December 2023. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the relocation services provided by Paul Wilches and his team at Relocation Services of Ecuador.

Once we decided to relocate, we were not sure whether we should ship our household goods to Cuenca or to purchase all our requirements in Cuenca. So we wanted to talk to someone who can guide us with all the required information like the cost of shipping our household goods, whether to use a 20 feet container or a 40 feet one, the legal restrictions in Ecuador as to what household items can be shipped and prohibited items etc. We were looking in YouTube/Google for this and chanced upon a video posted by JP & Amelia where they had recommended Paul Wilches for this service and had also interviewed him in that video for the benefit of people like us.

We then contacted Paul around April 2023. From the moment we contacted, Paul exhibited a level of professionalism that immediately put us at ease. He answered all our questions, provided photographs/videos showing how the container looks (20 feet Vs 40 feet), how much we can fit in, approximate cost of shipping door-to-door from Wilmington to Cuenca, how to pack each item, the packing materials required to pack specific items like couch, pictures, paintings, bowls, cups etc., and where to get them in US. This was so helpful that we were able to pack everything ourselves, except the big like couch, dressers, beds etc., for which we hired a local guy. Mind you, he provided all this information even before I had made any commitment to use his services.

I did shop around to see if there was any other company who provided similar services and found out that those companies were not only unprofessional but were not even interested in shipping household goods. So, in August of 2023, we decided to use Paul’s services. His handling of my order and the efficiency throughout the entire moving process were truly commendable. They were punctual, well-prepared, and demonstrated a keen attention to detail, ensuring that our belongings were handled with the utmost care. Communication played a crucial role in making our move a smooth experience. Paul was consistently responsive to our inquiries and concerns, keeping us informed at every step either via email, WhatsApp messages, video conference. He also provided lot of useful videos which helped us in packing all our valuable items ourself. This transparent and effective communication was invaluable in alleviating the usual stresses associated with such a significant transition.

The quality of service provided by Relocation Services of Ecuador surpassed our expectations. Our belongings arrived in Cuenca in excellent condition (not a single item was missing or damaged), a testament to his dedication, to ensuring a seamless and damage-free relocation. Even when faced with challenges, Paul and his team demonstrated a proactive approach, swiftly addressing and resolving any issues that arose. To be specific we made some mistakes in numbering the boxes. For example we said in the list submitted to Ecuadorian customs that Box No. 97 has items 1,2,3…. But those items were in box number 79. It was our mistake as we had transposed the box numbers and pasted incorrect box number on the box. So the Ecuadorian Customs officer wanted to check every box and this would have delayed the releasing of the container. But Paul’s team convinced the officer and got them released within a week of its arrival at Guayaquil port. This saved us any penalty which the customs officer would have levied and also saved additional demurrage charges which the container company would have charged, if there was any delay.

What truly set Paul Wilches apart was the personal touch he added to our relocation experience. He visited our apartment the day before the container arrived to ensure that the road was broad enough to park the truck while the goods are being unloaded, that there was no low hanging electric wires in the street which may obstruct the truck, that the entrance to the building are wide to unload big items like couch, appliance etc., On the day the truck arrived he was there the whole time to oversee the unloading of the goods and ensured that each box is placed in the correct room (like Kitchen boxes in kitchen, each mattress in the specific bedroom we wanted etc.) to make our unpacking and arranging them inside the apartment, easy. His willingness to go above and beyond, coupled with the genuine care exhibited by his team, made a significant difference.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Paul Wilches and Relocation Services of Ecuador to anyone planning a move to Ecuador. Our experience was not only stress-free but everything arrived in perfect condition without even a small dent to any item. If you are seeking reliable, professional, and personalized relocation services, Paul Wilches is the person to trust.

Paul, thank you once again, for your outstanding service. We are ever grateful for the smooth transition you facilitated for our family.


Raghuraman and Usha

Raghuraman Krishnan







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