EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are packing your kitchen – Box 1 might have your dishes in it so you would put on the manifest: BOX 1 – Place setting for 12 (48 pieces) and 2 serving platters – not just “Dishes.” If it was your silverware, it might read – BOX 1: 50 pieces of flatware, 20 kitchen utensils. Clothing is similar – you pack Box 49 detail it on the manifest – BOX 49: 10 woman´s shirts, 7 men´s pants, 14 ties, and 6 woman´s sweaters – not just “clothes.” You get the gist – it’s better to list everything than be too vague and have issues going through customs.
To assist in making this process as painless as possible, Relocation Services of Ecuador provides a detailed inventory spreadsheet that you can use.
Once you have finished packing, labeling and detailing everything on the manifest, the process is quite simple. The appropriate sized container is delivered to your home and you have four hours to load it with all your belongings, either personally or by hiring local movers to pack it for you. The container is then picked up and delivered to the closest US port, where it is x-rayed by US Customs and loaded on the ship.
Once the container arrives in Guayaquil, Paul or Nathaly personally travel to Guayaquil to open and inspect the contents. Customs requires a pathway be made through the container all the way to the back so that they can see everything inside. The boxes that are unloaded are opened and checked against the manifest to make sure there is nothing in them that was not declared. If they find anything that isn’t listed, they may demand to open every box, which may delay the delivery of your container and could cost you in fines and storage fees while it is sorted out.
Once the container has been processed and approved by customs, it is loaded on a trailer and delivered to your final destination, wherever that may be in Ecuador. Paul and Nathaly have delivered containers all over the country including Cuenca, Quito, Salinas, Vilcabamba, Cotacachi, Loja, Olon, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Cayo, Santa Marianita, Manta, Crucita, Jama and even the Amazon. They have a team on this end that will unload your container for you, a personal service that is included as part of the package.

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