One of the first things that Paul explains is that they must have a VISA before they are allowed to ship anything into the country. You have to be a legal resident of Ecuador and have all your paperwork in hand before you begin the process. This is a very important first step and many people don’t realize this when they start the process.
Once you have all the proper documentation, Paul helps you determine the appropriate size container for your household goods. There are three sizes for containers:
20’ container – 8’ wide x 8’ high x 20’ long – fits the contents of a two bedroom apartment.
40’ container – 8’ wide x 8’high x 40’ long – fits the contents of an average three bedroom home.
40’ HC container – 8’ wide x 9’ high x 40’ long – is the largest container offered, and it’s the exact same price as a 40’ standard container to ship.

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