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First of all, I am almost setteled in our new home here in Cuenca, Ecuador thanks to the two of you, Paul and Nathaly.  All of our household items arrived in tact.  The two of you are very hard working, thorough, honest, and really knowledgeable in your area of expertise (relocating).  I obtained several bids regarding moving our forty foot container to Cuenca, Ecuador.  Relocation Services of Ecuador was able to communicate in English what the complete job would consist of.  As we say in English I asked the five W’s (who, what, where, when, why, and sometimes how), and all questions were answered with no hesitation during the presentation regarding services provided by Relocation Services Of Ecuador.  I like very much when companies do not pressure me to make a decision.  Relocation Services Of Ecuador waited patiently and I made the decision to select a wonderful organization to coordinate the complete move from start to finish.   The port experience is something I will never forget.  First of all when I say «hard working» I mean early long hours to Guayaquil from Cuenca.   It was not necessary to go to the port, but I wanted to view the total picture.  Delivery of our forty foot container from Guyaquil to Cuenca occurred two days later.  I believe there were 10-12 men unloading all of our household items.  Let me tell you, that was hard work, and the guys were so courteous, doing the work with a smile.  Looking back on the whole process, I am glad that we selected Relocation Services Of Ecuador to do our move. There is so much more I could convey, but Paul, Nathaly, you know I am happy In Cuenca, thanks to the two of you.   Nathaly and Paul you guys are a good team and I strongly recommend the two Relocation Services of Ecuador for anyone that is considering moving to Ecuador from anywhere in the world.   Sincerely,   Moremi Nzinga

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