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My husband and I employed the service of Paul Wilches at Relocation Services of Ecuador for our move from New Hampshire to Cuenca, Ecuador. Moving is a difficult and often emotionally charged experience, but Paul and his charming and very competent assistant, Nathalie, were indescribably helpful in providing the information we needed in to itemize and pack our belongings, which we kept in storage with an independent storage company for several months prior to utilising the services of Relocation Services of Ecuador. Our only regret is that we used the services of an independent storage company instead of using Paul’s established business contacts for that stage of the process.   However, Paul and Nathalie showed extreme patience and skill in negotiating with the very difficult manager of the storage company in New Hampshire and then coordinated the remaining stages of the move with  the truckers and international shipper. Paul accompanied us to Guayacil for the Ecuador Customs inspection and provided a calming presence on the trip and during the inspection process. During the Customs inspection, when I found the urn with my father’s ashes open and scattered in the box, Paul quietly reassured me, respectfully  retrieved the ashes, and returned them to the urn. When issues arose during the inspection due to inventory problems arising from the storage company’s incompetence, Paul was there to negotiate with officials, provide reassurance to us, and essentially,  saved the day.  Our belongings arrived in our condo intact, and we are grateful daily for Paul and Nathalie’s skills in all areas of the complicated process in the move to the beautiful city of Cuenca.


Linda and Richard Berke

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