My experience with Relocation Services of Ecuador (RSE) was wonderful. From our first telephone meeting, when I was just gathering information and trying to decide if I wanted to bring a container to Ecuador back in 2017/2018, Paul Wilches and Nathaly Consuegra was extremely helpful. They provided me with a lots of information, including rough estimates of the timeline and the costs of 20 foot vs 40 foot container. After lots researching and speaking with other people, I found Paul and Nathaly by far easier to communicate by phone or by email and they took the time to explain the whole process to me. They provided lots of email with pictures of how to label your boxes and the inventory sheet so that you won’t have any issues with Ecuador Customs inspections when they are inspecting your container or anything smaller.

The packing and loading of the container in Canada were the only things that I had to take care of. Everything else, including hiring of the container shipping company in Canada through the United States to the ship for shipment to Guayaquil, Ecuador, having all the paperwork done necessary for Canadian Customs, United States Customs, Ecuadorian Customs along with meeting with customs in Guayaquil and bringing the contents of the container into our house, was handled by Paul and Nathaly’s TEAM which included team members in Quito and Cotacachi. They were always available to answer any questions that came up during the process and we just had to be available by email or by phone when the customs inspections were going on. The estimates they gave me were aligned with the actual costs. Everything was delivered to our house the same day it was released from customs. We couldn’t be happier with the services they provided and would gladly recommend RSE to anyone.

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