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From the first inquiry by phone they help you understand the process, and walk you through each step so that there are no surprises along the way. Paul insists on having a conversation with every potential client, so they understand the scope of the project and he can get a clear idea of what they are looking for and advise them on their best course of action.

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“Paul, Nathlay, and Carmen of Relocation Services of Ecuador did an amazing job organizing and shipping our belongings. Not only did they provide all the details we needed upfront, they went out of their way to ensure our container was at our house on the exact date we needed it, even though there was a snafu with the container company. They were there for us every step of the way and it was great to be able to know that we could count on them to keep our belongings safe as well as avoid any surprises along the way. I highly recommend Relocation Services of Ecuador”.

Lynn Herkes
Client from United States

buenasnoches56@hotmail.com )

El Servicio ofrecido por la Cia.Relocation Services of Ecuador,para enviar el Contenedor con todas mis pertenencias,hacia los Estados Unidos de America fue eficiente,profesional y recibido en las fechas exactas y de una forma Limpia y ordenada con respecto a todos los tramites realizados tanto en Ecuador como en USA.Fue un trayecto impecablemente bien manejado en todo aspecto,y estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio de Relocation Services of Ecuador ,Empresa manejada por su presidente y gerente :Paul Wilches I. y Nathaly Consuegra respectivamente.

Recomiendo a la Nombrada Empresa a Ojo Cerrado y con la misma confianza que ellos me brindaron, no duden de llamarlos: of.201 Edificio Acropolis(ave.Jose Peralta 4-138 y ave. 12 de Abril.)tel.593-7  404 8218  .593 987 236 479.   593 987 213 242. muchas Gracias Paul y Nathaly  Buen Trabajo !!!

Pedro Pablo Mejia
Cliente from Ecuador

dcruzshop@gmail.com )


I was reading your comments at Expat.com. I was wondering if you could help me with a quote, procedure, times, deadlines for a 20″ container to be shipped from Miami to Pifo (near Quito). Door to door service. I want to purchase our household goods like kitchen items, social rooms, sofas, decoration, our old couches and personal items, and others.

Please let me know if you can help me. I currently live outside of Quito, in a town called Pifo. My wife has a ecuadorian visa and she is moving to live here in Ecuador. Any comments will be very helpful.


Diego Cruz
Client from Ecuador




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One of the first things that Paul explains is that they must have a VISA before they are allowed to…

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