From the first inquiry by phone they help you understand the process, and walk you through each step so that there are no surprises along the way. Paul insists on having a conversation with every potential client, so they understand the scope of the project and he can get a clear idea of what they are looking for and advise them on their best course of action.


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I wanted to write about your excellent service regarding my move from Washington DC, in the US to Quito in Ecuador. I know it is not an easy task to move a household container oversee and go through the customs within the time frame.
With your continuous support and communication, I was able to prepare the inventory list properly and packed them in the way required by the custom in Ecuador. You responded to me right away whenever I had questions. Without knowing the accurate information, I would have had many problems in the unforeseeable condition.
I heard that the custom office at the Port of Quayaquil was closed for a week for the holiday season of the new year. However, you were able to work out the issue and transport the container in a timely manner so that there was no additional storage cost. It was a great work and a tremendous amount of effort that your team showed.
I also wanted to thank Carmen Paez for her sincerity and professionalism for the whole paperwork process that she had to do here in Quito. She was very dedicated to complete the work at her best. She even came to my apartment to manage the whole unloading process and supervise her crew effectively.
It was great work for your team. I would highly reommend your firm to anybody for future international move.
Thank you so much and I hope that your business propsers for the years to come.

Only Christ,

Ted Yim

Relocating Service

Paul is without a doubt one of our best friends here in Cuenca because of the relationship forged by the excellent job he did with shipping our household goods from Texas to Guayaquil, then moving them to Cuenca and into our apartment. And all that after the container was stuck at the port after a successful inspection during the lockdown. Turns out he talked a customs friend into a document that released it so we could live in our apartment we had rented and leave the hotel. We paid one price, he guaranteed our shipment’s safety, we oversaw the inspection with him and then went to lunch. We allowed him to do his expert job and we followed his instructions on the front end and were not disappointed. His experience will guide you to a successful shipment. We can’t say enough positive about Paul Wilches at paulw@relocationservicesofecuador.net, 098-721-3242. If you have any private questions about our experience, please contact us at marshallandnadinedevall@gmail.com.

Paul Wilches and his assistant Nathaly are the best – extremely professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. They both also speak beautiful English, if that’s necessary for you. I had my container packed and taken to the port of San Pedro, CA four days before I left Los Angeles this past Aug 17. The ship docked in GYE and my goods cleared customs a month later. All my stuff was brought into my apartment on Sept 22. Everything happened exactly within the timeframe Paul said it would, without a hitch. I had to set up a bond because I didn’t have my temporary residence visa when I got here, and Paul accompanied me to the bank, notary, everywhere I had to go. He and Nathaly did everything for me. If you follow his instructions exactly as he tells you, you will have no problems at all. At the end of the process, which for me began in June when I made my first phone contact with him, I considered him a friend. I know I can call on him for absolutely anything I need, whether related to moving or not. I invite you to contact me at hunter.jenniferj@gmail.com or on Magic Jack/whatsapp at 310-463-1828 if you have any questions at all re: pricing, process, etc.





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