We met Paul when we last visited Cuenca and were here to confirm that we were going to retire here. He has been recommended by many people for his professionalism and attention to detail. When we first met in his office in the Acropolis Building, he was patient to answer all our questions about an overseas move in a shipping container (our first). She we returned to the US and set our time table, to coordinate also with obtaining our visas, Paul was diligent at arranging for the container to be delivered at our home, but we did have to arrange a local mover (central Texas) to load the container. He worked with us along the way to assist in a very detailed spreadsheet inventory of our items, explaining just how things had to be listed. We were able to come here with complete peace of mind, and we arrived at the first of February. We were invited to go with Paul to the port at Guayaquil for the container inspection, which was very interesting, and we were there for any questions that the port inspector had about our items. However, before the delivery could be arranged, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, and eventually the port was locked down, our container stranded, and an item on the inventory could not be amended and notarized because of the lock down. Paul could not have been more helpful, reassuring, and knowledgeable about the system. In a relatively short period of time, somehow, Paul was able to “pull strings” and obtain a “decree” to allow the container to be released, find a driver and get a salvoconducto to allow the truck to pass from Guayaquil to Cuenca, and arrange to unload and move in to our apartment. The building manager and other residents were nervous about the health risks of the move-in. Paul worked with the manager and had a team of six guys to unload the container and place items and boxes into specific rooms at our direction, all in about 1.5 hours, starting at 6 AM! What could have been a very difficult situation, short of losing our container at the bottom of the ocean, was simplified by Paul’s expertise and years of working with and developing friends in the business and at the port. Through the unusual circumstances, he has become a Cuencano friend whom we can call upon to assist us when we need it. If you are considering shipping a container when you move to Ecuador (anywhere, not just Cuenca), please consider making an initial appointment with Paul to discuss the process.

Address: Edificio Acropolis, Officina 201, Am. Jose Peralta y Av. 12 de Abril, Cuenca, Ecuador

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