What can we say about our experience with shipping our possessions from Canada to Ecuador with Paul
Wilches and his team from Relocations Services Of Ecuador.

We first talked to Paul approximately 9 months prior to our shipping our container. He answered all the
questions we had at the time, and we talked to him a couple times more before locking in our decision
to bring our possessions with us.

The contract that we signed was pretty clear and included in the email that they sent with the contract
were simple instructions on packing, things we could not be bring and the number of certain items we

During the whole process Paul Wilches would respond to us when we had questions and if not
available at the moment we called him, he would return our calls within a reasonable amount of time.
Paul Wilches and the rest of the team kept us up to date all the way through and made it easy during
COVID times to get legal documents signed here in Ecuador.

Our possessions arrived into Guayaquil, had a few issues with the shipping line which was sorted, a
couple issues with customs, one being an error of a weigh scale but Paul Wilches there every step of
the way ensuring our belongings arrived to our new home.

With a move as big as this, we knew that there would be stressful moments, and there was a period of
time when it was held up in the shipping yard we thought, “why did we do this”, but were thrilled to see
it arrive to our home safely. It has now been two months since it arrived and we are extremely happy
with the decision that we made for us. I

f you were thinking about who to use to ship your possessions to Ecuador from another country, we
would certainly recommend Relocation Services of Ecuador

Kristin and MArk Verleyen

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