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My name is John Dayn Romine and I have recently moved from the USA to Cuenca, Ecuador S.A. with my wife and our dog.
Prior to our moving we decided to bring all of our household belongings with us. We did a thorough search for a way to get our belongings from south eastern USA to Cuenca, Ecuador.
We found Relocation Services of Ecuador. Paul Wilches and Nathaly Consuegra gave us a complete description of what we needed to do and exactly what they would do for us in writing via email and telephone conversation.
The only thing we had to do was load the ship container that they sent to our house in the USA. They did everything all the way to unloading our belongings in our new house in the rooms that they were directed to.
Their services from start to finish were most excellent. Their professionalism, friendly attitude, and willingness to help in every way has developed a true friendship between us.
Everything was smooth and done in a most timely manner.

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