John and I began thinking of moving to Ecuador in 2010.  We attended an International Living Conference in Quito Ecuador in February/March 2010.  We realized that we loved Ecuador. John and I were looking for a way to retire.  We could not do this in the United States so we started thinking of moving outside of the country. We spent the week in Quito and then returned home to Las Vegas, Nevada.  We originally contacted an attorney in Quito to help us with obtaining our Visa’s.  We ended up with a communication gap and after two months of getting no where we started to look else where for help.  It was through the internet that we discovered Relocation Services of Ecuador.  We read an article that was written by Relocation Services of Ecuador and Paul Wilches and it was called «A New Horizon’s of Life.»  We contacted Relocation Services of Ecuador and he said that Relocation Services could be our firm on the ground that could save us money and walk us through all the different processes.  Relocation Services also said that he could help us with our shipping needs.  They handled all of our legal paper work for our Visa’s.  RSE and his staff assisted us with shipping our 20 foot container.  A sample inventory list was provided to us which we used to make our own inventory list. It had been explained to us exactly what could and could not be placed into out container and how each box was to be labeled and marked.  Our container was delivered to our front door in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We had packed our own boxes, but we had someone load our container.

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