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We are happy to provide a positive reference for RSE. We are in Cuenca and have been here 5 months, and we enjoy it very much!

RSE was wonderful to work with.  The laws change here in Ecuador quite often, and it is a challenge to keep up with them.  Because of their partnership with a law firm which is in the same building as they are. They are very competent in recommending what to bring and not bring, and getting the container through customs.

We had a very positive experience with RSE.  We had never tried to relocate outside the US before, so of course we had a million questions and just about as many anxieties.  They were very patient with us and handled the relocation very well.  In addition to the container, they helped us with telephone, internet, bank accounts, and understanding how to peacefully co-exist in Ecuador.  We waited 10 days for our container to get through customs.  We still visit the RSE folks about once a week just to say «hi» because they are such lovely people.

We packed our 20 foot container ourselves and it included quite a bit of artwork, including framed art and bronzes.  Here is what we did to wrap and cushion the framed artwork:.
1. Wrapped the artwork in bubble wrap.  Not just the frame but the entire picture
2. Next wrapped the artwork in butcher paper (purchased at U-Haul), taped securely
3. Next wrapped the artwork in plastic (purchased at Home Depot)
4. Build a container of cardboard for each piece, and «suspended» the artwork inside it so that it would not ding the corners if dropped hard
By the way, we brought in a couple of college kids and paid them $10/hour to wrap all our art.  Money well spent!
This will protect the artwork from drops vertically.  The challenge come

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