RSE Services during our recent move – Comment & Commendation

Dear Relocation Services, Paul, and Catalina:

Our moving of household goods from the U.S. to Cuenca is complete and all of you at RSE have exceeded our expectations with your outstanding service and expertise.

As you may be aware, there are many horror stories from ExPats living here in Cuenca about shipping their personal belongings. Listening to folks who have had their shipment held in Guayaquil for up to six months; who have had thousands of dollars in extra costs added; and the whole drama of not knowing when or if you will see your possessions again – made Dan and I acutely aware that we had to do our homework.

Although we had heard good comments about RSE, we were not sure we wanted to ship, or move here – like many – with our suitcases. We made an appointment with you Paul to get an overview about the process. During that time we decided to ship our belongings. Subsequently we met with you Relocation Services, to review RSE’s contract, conditions, and terms.

We had a lot of questions and appreciated very much how Paul, Relocation Services, and Catalina took time to go over details, providing answers and explanations throughout the process so that we felt as comfortable as possible. Additionally, you were all very responsive to our calls, emails and (sometimes) repeated questions to keep us up to date and informed.

Thirty days door to door. No damage, not one extra charge. A 3-day delay by Customs in Guayaquil which Paul resolved on the fourth day. On the same day the container arrived in Cuenca we sailed through Customs and the load was on the road to our house. Everything was unloaded by 3 p.m.

Relocation Services, thank you for describing the process and its potential pitfalls in the beginning, and for always being available when we needed you.

Paul, thank you for keeping us on course.

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