Bob Miller 
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I need to do a major shout out to Paul Wilches and his Ecuador Relocation Services! I packed my container with in a Houston on May 25th and got it delivered to my new Ecuadorian home in Santa Marianita on June 30. I tracked my ship leaving Houston going to Mobile, Alabama before going through the Panama Canal. I followed his instructions from our zoom call and in spite of last minute packing discrepancies l forwarded our inventory list twice before getting it correct. We still had a box without a label and an excercise ball lose it’s label but Paul worked around it to get our container released in short order. I did give Paul a major scare when he needed me to get our final notary note to get container released and needed my passport and had to tell him I send mine and wife’s to Guayaquil to be renewed and it woul be back in 30-40 days. He worked around that and got it released. He was in Manta for a conference and personally escorted the semi driver who got lost leaving Manta to be on hand for unloading process. If anyone has any question or wants to contact me directly I will be more than happy to share more detail of my wonderful experience.

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• Lorraine Gardner Skoglund
Yup. Used Paul in the middle of the pandemic with a shortage of containers which was a hiccup that just about gave me a heart attack but still managed to get my container in 6 weeks with every intact

Paul M Wilches Iñiguez
Lorraine Gardner Skoglund thanks for the feed back and support

•Sue Kazlaw-Nelson
We can also recommend Paul M Wilches Iñiguez . He did a great job with our container in 2021.
•Kim Olson
We recently used Paul Wilches relocation services and he is the best! Highly recommend him and his colleagues!
•Kirsten Sheridan
He really is good at his job!
Sherri Peterson Casey you are the best
•Michelle Manion
Paul and his crew are amazing! We too were so pleased with his service.
Kimberlee D. Wood thanks for your support
•Tom Nelson
Paul is the best!
•Liz Tompkins
My husband and I used his services as well. Couldn’t be any happier! Paul is the best!
Liz Tompkins thanks for the opportunity and referals. You guys are the best
•Shawn Mazlack
What kind of taxes did you have to pay. Does anyone know the rules on motorcycles?
Shawn Mazlack motorcycles are not part of house holdgoods container. Its not possible to bring it. The only way to do. Its commercial importation.
•Shannon Roark
You’re very fortunate.
Paul M Wilches Iñiguez
Dear Bob Miller thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you. Its been a pleasure working with you guys. I will be always working hard for every customer. Thanks for your feed back
•Elaine Yakos-Lebron
Glad you had such a positive experience. Welcome

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