If you are thinking about shipping a container of goods to Ecuador, first and foremost it’s a good idea to understand what you are NOT allowed to bring with you.
1. Firearms, explosives or munitions of any kind – it will be considered contraband and could lead to a jail sentence.
2. No motorized vehicles, cars, motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, jet skis, etc.
3. No more than 10 bottles of liquor
4. No regular filament lightbulbs
5. No cash, gold or silver bars, etc. – all of this must be brought in through the proper channels
6. Food stuffs – you can pack your leftovers (what would normally constitute the contents of a pantry) but you can’t bring 40 cases of baked beans, for example.
Everything in your home is considered used for the purpose of customs, so you are allowed to bring all of your items with you, other than those listed above. If you consider it room by room – you can bring all of your kitchen appliances – both large and small, washer and dryer, furniture, rugs, art, décor, and tools that can be proven are for personal use only, including solar panels, small hydro electric generators, table saws, etc. You are allowed up to 440 pounds of clothing per person – which includes shoes and hats. You are also allowed to bring one TV per person living in your home.
While Paul can help you with 99% of the process, the part that is up to you, and is the most important task, is providing a detailed inventory for every box in the container. Unlike U-Haul, where you load a box and put it on the truck marked kitchen, in an overseas shipment you must have a detailed manifest of everything in the container. Each box, piece of furniture, rug, or loose item must be numbered, and the contents listed appropriately.

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